New member & not a gold hunter---yet!!!

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New member & not a gold hunter---yet!!!

Post  Don in Virginia(USA) on Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:59 am

Hello from central Virginia, USA. I am a long time relic hunter & recently acquired the 4500. In addition to being reported as the best gold machine I have found it to be far superior to any machine I have used for locating (Civil War) relics. I signed on to this site to learn more about the 4500 so I may ask a few questions of you veterans now & then. If they seem elementry bear with me I'm still learning.

Hopefully as I gain experiecne I'll give gold hunting a go. We do have several areas in the state that have produced in the past & I know some folks still do some panning in the small streams.

So far I have learned a lot from reading your posts but most of it is over my head at this point. Keep the good information coming & I thank you, GOOD HUNTING!

Don in Virginia

Don in Virginia(USA)

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Re: New member & not a gold hunter---yet!!!

Post  Nightjar on Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:48 pm

Welcome Don,
You have made the right choice to get into detecting for gold, the GPX-4500 is a magic machine coupled up to a mono coil. Feel sure if you search the banks of the streams where gold has been panned you will be onto nuggets.
Good luck with your new venture.

Happy hunting
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