From NAPFA --- Are these roads from Yeoval to Canowindra worth saving ?

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From NAPFA --- Are these roads from Yeoval to Canowindra worth saving ?

Post  Imadogman on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:09 pm

Received this today from NSW Fisheries --

Can forum members familiar with this area advise if any of these roads are relevant to prospecting? They all involve creeks. Feel free to tell them directly that you need the access. But also post your information here.

NAPFA will monitor posts on this forum and prepare a general submission if the area has value from a prospecting point of view. No guarantee of the outcome though!

Needs to be done within 28 days. So act quickly or lose the chance.

Fisheries NSW has been given the opportunity to directly liaise with fishing groups that may be affected by the closure of public roads. As part of this assessment , Fisheries NSW is providing stakeholders with the location and details of the closures as they are presented to the Department.

Please find attached details of a road closure application for your perusal. Details of landholder names and referring agencies have been removed for privacy reasons. If this email is sent to representatives of broader stakeholder groups, please forward to local stakeholders or associated branches.

NB: this information is not privileged and is free for distribution to angler stakeholders that may be affected by the closure .

If required anglers can lodge a submission for or against the closure directly with the referring lands office. All details for referral are in the advertisement or cluster document (PDF) including additional maps . Please note that only roads that lead to waterways or roads that may hold fishing amenity will be listed in the map links.

==========================>> Referenced closure below <<========================================

References -

Lands Reference ===

Google Map link W384202 ===,148.58438&spn=0.030941,0.066047

Google Map link W410717 ===,148.647509&spn=0.062424,0.132093

Google Map link W468420 ===,148.825092&spn=0.062278,0.132093

Google Map link W384935 ===,148.733811&spn=0.031018,0.066047

Google Map link W480537 ===,148.756084&spn=0.062003,0.132093

Google Map link CL508024 ===,148.929291&spn=0.031078,0.066047
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Re: From NAPFA --- Are these roads from Yeoval to Canowindra worth saving ?

Post  Curley on Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:29 pm

Hi Dogman, can't believe I missed this topic till now. I'm going deaf, maybe blind aswell.
These road closures shouldn't effect us. There are some near gold areas but not near enough to worry about.
The crown roads that link through to crown land portions are the ones we should be really aiming to preserve more than anything else.
Will have to keep a sharper eye in future on this sub forum to check out any other closures that may be critical to US, the NAFPA members.
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