GP Extreme all in one VR/Speaker/Booster build

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Re: GP Extreme all in one VR/Speaker/Booster build

Post  daniel2015 on Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:09 am

vmaxx wrote:Well, after some more trial & error with different batteries, amps etc i finally have a good combination, all in one unit, and yes, i ended up using the common camcorder li-ion batteries you see around. Total weight all up 573G as apposed to 1.8Kg for the standard battery on its own...not to mention leads, remote speaker etc..etc..
Amp is 2w, kit built, the  detector voltage is controlled by a variable voltage reg, ( can set voltages to suite SD, GP, etc) keeping a constant stable supply. have added a led for power also, inbuilt speaker, h/p jack, volume control.
Now just need to get the missus to sew up a side pouch to house the unit. I can also detach battery & run from a 2 battery power pack housing, which clips to your belt if one needs extended power. All up i've probably spent more than what it would have cost to buy a a/market battery solution, through several trial & error build attempts,  but then you still needed to run a booster amp, and remote speaker etc, and not to mention the satisfaction of doing it end result, i'm happy.
Thanks goes to board members for advice during the build process, much appreciated.

Hey vmaxx,

that looks amazing - great work! Would you please share some infos on your last upgrade? I just got an old GP Extreme and want to use these 7,2Volt Li-Ion camcorder batteries too. Which voltage regulator and amplifier did you exactly used in the end? Maybe a simple wiring diagram too?

I heard that some voltage regulators makes the GP Extreme unstable therefore I don't know exactly which one to get.

Thanks very much

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