Coil Tech and Nugget finder experience

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Coil Tech and Nugget finder experience

Post  zees12 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:03 pm

i have a question if anyone wants to give an opinion all's the more .
Out detecting and i decided to give normal setting a go on my 4500 ,being the area was noisy in that setting i used very slow motion ,dropped the gain to about 2 and sensitivity to around 4 .Audio i set at quiet .Now i know i have dullled down the detector but as it was a test to see if i could find something more in this area i took advantage of this..
In this situation i was using a 16 round coil tech ,i found when i switched to a 25 round N/F it was actually quieter by a hell of a lot.
Does this conclude that N/F are more stable than coil tech ?or what does this conclude ?


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Re: Coil Tech and Nugget finder experience

Post  kon61 on Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:25 pm

G'day zees.

       Quieter indeed and at the cost of both depth as well as great loss in sensitivity and No,It just concludes that your using a far larger coil,requiring you to up the gain and stabilizer,so as to attain similar performance over the same ground conditions on similar size targets,as that of a small diameter coil .Larger coils being less sensitive due to their broader transmit field dispersion,require readjusting of your settings to a higher level,so as to attain better sensitivity and depth on the same size targets,over similar ground conditions,as that you would have gotten from using a much smaller coil.Problem with this though,is that EMI as well as ground mineralization absorption (ground noise) through the larger coil will also tend to increase.  PS,Gain is sensitivity is it not? I take it your referring to the stabilizer and not sensitivity to 4?
A much more appropriate comparison test would have been the use of a 16 inch NF mono coil.
          Cheers Kon. What a Face

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