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Best Gold Detectors

Post  Novice Hunter on Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:20 pm

Hi Folks, I am planning to prospect some lands on the coming summer holiday but the thing is, I am new to all these detecting stuffs (still spending hours to research on any information relating to gold detecting)

I live in Western Australia and I am planning to go down south towards Kalgoorlie within 200-300 Kms radius and as far as i know (through my reseach and stuffs) the place that I am gonna venture to is highly mineralized. As this is my first hunt as I said before, i am a bit bogged down on the suitable equipment that I should have with me particularly the metal detector itself, I don't really look at the advertisement as i wanted to obtain first hand experiences and reviews from experienced members on this forum.

My budget is a bit limited, but I can spend up until $1700, so far I've been eyeing on Mine Lab Eureka but still I wanted to know from you guys if Eureka is as good as it was advertised.

I would like to know:

1) Is it possible to get a good and reliable metal detector (within the budget of course) which could handle gold detecting activity well in a highly mineralized soil (Does not matter if it is a new or second hand) ?

2) I know it is illegal to hunt in the Crown Land, but is it okay if I bring my bows with me (just for safety precaution and training purpose)?

3) I am bit limited on financial aspect and me buying a $1700 metal detector is already a deadly gamble for me (I am just a Uni student Laughing  ) , I am well aware that getting gold is more like lucky strikes but is it possible for me to at least get the initial outlay back? (Maybe you can share your opinion on this matter and some tips on getting the metal)

4) Any land areas that might be good for prospecting?

5) Lastly,any related infos that you think that a novice like me are oblivious to.

All in all, I will be most thankful for all the infos given and I am certainly getting pumped up for my first gold hunt. Cheers

Novice Hunter

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Re: Best Gold Detectors

Post  davsgold on Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:04 pm

G'day Novice Hunter

I like your enthusiasm, but I don't think that in reality it is realistic, the answer is a bit blunt I know, but you asked.

1: Summer is not the right time for a beginner to go out into the goldfields.  Way to hot with no experience.

2: Limited budget you will be cutting corners and in summer this is dangerous.

3: Mine Lab Eureka metal detector, your chances of paying it off with gold finds quickly is not going to happen in reality.  Better off with a coin machine on the beach in summer.

4: Look at what the full time/part time prospectors use for detecting mostly high end GP or GPX Minelab detectors for gold prospecting.

5: VLF machines like Mine Lab Eureka are good detectors, just don't expect to go out and find a heap of gold with it, go out and enjoy the experience with it OK.

6: You need to do plenty of research for good alluvial gold producing areas with shallow gold and if using a Mine Lab Eureka you will need shallow and not very mineralized type of soil

7: re-read number 1

8: Good luck out there what ever you decide.

cheers dave

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Re: Best Gold Detectors

Post  Digginerup on Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:31 pm

Good advice from Dave there Novice, and it's free Wink  It would seem from your questions your right at the very bottom of a very steep learning curve in terms of mounting a serious safe gold prospecting trip to somewhere like you describe, I believe all WA land is regulated in some way and there is a substantial procees to go through to get access to areas, not impossible but not insignificant...I recomend some detailed research on the legalities, going to any remote area to be self sufficient for any length of time is a task well worth lots of consideration and planning, consider that you will need to replicate your daily life in terms of the basics, shelter, first aid, eating, sleeping, washing, toiletry, etc.... the list goes on yet must be kept to a realistic manageable kit, if time permits delay your trip as dave has suggested, now is a good time to do some much needed research and planning for a more realistic assualt in better weather, if time is not on your side I suggest you try to make contact with someone in the areas you speak of and who is willing to take on a new chum for a while to give you a taste, keep safety first and it will be a great experience, fail that and it could be much worse No  Good luck out there.


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Re: Best Gold Detectors

Post  Nebuchadnezzar on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:56 am

OMG! We got ourselves a live one. Not sure if your post was for a bit of a chuckle or if you are really that naive. Either way I'm not going to beat around the bush. Your chances of finding enough gold to pay off a detector with little or no experience using just a low end VLF detector like the Eureka are virtually nill. You are wrong if you think it's only a game of chance to find gold. Successful prospectors are very experienced people that have honed their skills over decades of detecting using only the very best gear. Truth be told it is not the detector but the person that finds the gold. However, a good tradesman is only as good as his tools and for many prospectors no expense is spared. They buy the best off road vans, Landcruisers that cost a ton, tow a quad bike for off road use and take 2 or 3 detectors along with them. My advice is find someone experienced you can tag along with (almost no chance unless you know them) or maybe join a prospecting tour for your first trip. You are going to need to prepare your trip as well eg sleeping arrangements, transport, food, water, emergency gear and spares, extra tyres etc.. If your heading out into the outback you better plan well and be prepared to fork out a lot more than just the cost of a detector.

As for you bow you must be joking. You need a pastoralists permission to carry firearms onto their property. I know a bow isn't exactly a firearm but I would imagine a pastoralist wouldn't take too kindly at seeing someone armed with a bow walking around their cattle: they're more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. I suggest you purchase or hire a PLB or sat phone if you are concerned about your safety and save the bow for the range.
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Re: Best Gold Detectors

Post  kon61 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:29 am

Novicehunter,you've been given some damned good advice by the more experienced prospectors of this forum.This is not a game of lets chance it and see how it pans out.Take as much advice and precaution as necessary before venturing out on your own in remote places.It can be most challenging and daunting for the experienced at times,no alone a newbie.It only takes one foolish mistake and you could end up as part of the landscape.Shocked 
Apart from that a good working Minelab GP Extreme or 3000 PI,should come close to your budget and satisfy your needs. As the guy's here have stated,even the best of VLF detectors wont cut it over highly mineralized ground.Take care out there.

        Cheers Kon.What a Face

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Re: Best Gold Detectors

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