Making CTX 3030 work as good as Etrac

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Making CTX 3030 work as good as Etrac

Post  jamessmith2 on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:47 pm

Due to bad family communications I am now the owner of 2 ctx machines, as well as my old faithfull Etrac, and super reliable old SD.
The question is how do I set up the ctx machines to be as reliable for general detecting; playgrounds/parks/beaches etc as the Etrac is?
Basically in most conditions the Etrac is able to pinpoint the target so it can be "popped" with a screwdriver if only a few inches (yeah- I answer to dinosaur) or dig a small hole with garden trowel to find the target.
Totally different with the new bells and whistles ctx, eg yesterday afternoon  solid $1 target at 3 inches, marked it and pinpointed it not just with a X, but multi pinpointed it til I had a * to  mark the spot, dug the hole to 6 inches - no target, re check, X has moved so it is about 5 inches from original, dig that, again nothing.
It is happening so much it is extremely bad for the blood pressure.
-Not wearing steel cap boots, no metal belt buckle,  metal digging trowel well away(about a yard or so on bit of cord for easy retrieval)
 Really I am digging volcano craters to actually find the target,
another weird point coins that finally turn up seen to be to right &bit forward of original X, lead fishing sinkers to left and bit back

Exasperated, swapped coils, have tried all different auto sensitivity -3 thru 20 +3 and up and down thru manual settings.
As per minelab service centre (Greg John's) instructions auto ground balancing is off, coin-ferous discrimination is also off;

Would gladly try any suggestions from people who know how to make these things work-

Honestly at the moment for me the upgrade has been a waste of $s  confused  confused  confused

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Re: Making CTX 3030 work as good as Etrac

Post  mattbutton on Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:13 pm

Are you interested in selling one of the CTX?

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UPDATE to old theme

Post  jamessmith2 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:00 pm

What has actually transpired over time with regard to my situation is that the CTX I was using ( slightly older and Australia sourced)and getting very pissed off with, was faulty, and finally in the last month and half or so Kevin at Minelab service seriously listened to my complaints, looked at my results of various tests I had done with the bad CTX and old Etrac, and took on to have a very deep serious look at the machine,- this mind you after Greg Johns- also at Minelab who had been given the piece of junk to evaluate for two weeks or so, last year, and had even given me a written Minelab statement saying it, (in junk form) was "within specification" to help me sell it it. I did not want to be involved in selling a piece of -- with my name attached.
I then advertised both, CTXs and gave the buyers a choice, to decide after real in field & beach testing which one they wanted.
The one I did not really even use much, which turned out to be the good one was snapped up quickly by Trevor. That gave me the readies to buy a Whites top of range, and actually left some cash over.
After a couple of others tried the other CTX and didn't go for it It got dumped in a cupboard and forgot about for months. I grabbed it on New Year’s Eve probably more by mistake (celebration lubricated perhaps) and it worked astoundingly well for half an hour or so. Then the same old problems and the Etrac was picked up to continue my sacred routine start to The New Year.

Any way the piece of rubish CTX has finally come back from Minelab as a sweet pleasure to use, and not for just a short burst! No longer a bucket of fertiliser if you know what I am implying.
I would now, after all this time-- yeah check the dates - rate the three coin chasing machines I have in the order of CTX best/fastest/easiest to use. Not by very much though, but I do like it best
Second best, White's V3i , (price in Oz has risen heaps since I got mine) -only marginally better than Etrac- like the CTX it does get the on edge coins better than the Etrac, but while not as quick as the CTX. It is a small step above the Etrac, for finds - and all are really very close (-probably so close that in real scientific testing there would be very very little in it, between all 3 machines.
To be honest I never really loved the machine, (Whites) but it is a very high quality machine. Like the CTX(now) my son is the only other allowed user while the grandkids can and do use the Etrac or I do lend the Etrac out to mates. The grandkids often bettering me on beaches, due to better hearing, and area coverage. I suppose a good comparison is I can now beat my son if he is on the Whites on a after event beach, where as he has beaten me a few (not many) times if he is on the CTX.
Regards value for dollar comparing purchase price to income for finds the CTX was not worth the extra grand above the Etrac, just like now the Whites does not justify its current price over the Etrac.

In summary I suppose it is best to say all the above is to say that when they do get their items to the "right"
Standard Minelab do sell a slightly superior product -though with a little political level of propaganda in the newspaper articles say re Minelab sponsored testers (not really unbiased and based on access to areas still fenced off before the average collector get in after a festival).
I would also like to add, that even after always being told of the intermittent nature of good for a little while-bad for a lot, -(and of course this "intermittent" gives Greg Johns an easy out for what I regard as suspect process,) I am a bit pissed of that I really had to press so hard to get them to supply a machine to Standard as by consumer law Minelab are obligated to do.
Regards the Australian seller of the machine, (it had to be a Victorian seller as at the time there was no Adelaide dealer,) I have nothing good to say about him, or his current branch in Adelaide. They took Cash up front, and promised a delivery date for a big CTX coil, and eventually refunded in full for no delivery-- even while I was told at Minelab Torrensville they were in stock (but I had to buy from a retail dealer not Minelab direct.)

Anyways I do finally have a Good Smooth Working CTX3030 and now can honestly say a good machine.
Value for $ --hmm that is subjective, and very dependant on specific needs, and of course what sort of detecting one is into.
Apologies for typos, I can detect better than run a keyboard,


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