Fossicking reserves -- NAPFA needing some information

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Fossicking reserves -- NAPFA needing some information

Post  Imadogman on Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:20 pm

Can anyone please point me to a list of fossicking reserves which I understand were abolished in 1992 compliments of the new mining act? 

I gather there were about 60 of them. I am keen for specific information, including maps if possible as well as descriptions of the areas themselves.

These reserves are different to the current fossicking districts.



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Re: Fossicking reserves -- NAPFA needing some information

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:56 am

Hi Stephen,
You can view the former fossicking areas on Minview.
Click on I agree & then titles view.
Go across the toolbar to the third last icon "Select layers". A list will come up. Find "Fossicking Districts" then click save. You will now notice "Fossicking Districts" in the "Titles Layers" column. Deselect everything else except localities, roads, rivers, fossicking districts & state boundary.
This will highlight the new fossicking districts like Inverell LGA but will also highlight the former fossicking areas.
You can get more info on the areas by using the 7th button across on the toolbar "Select a map region to query". All of the former fossicking areas appear to have a file number of M92/0417 so if you contact NSW Resources & Energy they may be able to provide a list or file as it would be quite time consuming to compile something from Minview.

They are also viewable on ArcGis & this one can be seen with DP & Lot No.'s of the areas. In the Legend you need to select & drop down the "Administrative Boundaries" list then select "Lot". Then go down to & select the "Titles Administration" then select "Fossicking Districs" (spelt wrong on their web page  Razz ) Again deselect anything else then zoom in to whatever area you want to check. It will again highlight the new fossicking districts but also highlights the former fossicking areas. You may need to use in tandem with Minview to zoom down on the former fossicking areas though so you can see the Lot/DP numbers.


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