The Whipstick

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The Whipstick

Post  deutran on Tue May 25, 2010 10:13 am

Just wondering Ive noticed the whipstick mentioned as popular for detecting around areas such as bendigo,inglewood and I think beechworth.As my knowledge is zero on this subject are we talking about scrubby areas in general where gold is somehow linked to this type of bush.The only reference to whipstick that I can associate with maps is the area above Bendigo.When I was in inglewood a few people referred to operators going to "the whipstick"as well.
On another point just worth mentioning to some NSW guys there have been some confirmed nugget finds recently around the towamba river area.How I found out about this is by some locals having seen the nuggets that they described to me a being about the size of their thumbnails.I heard this from three people and one told me the a guys name and that he found one under a rock in the river.Will be following this up.I know there was an old guy buried with his wheelbarrow and shovel there who used to work the river back in the early days.
I also talked to a fellow who did testing in the yambulla area and saw a nugget picked up about a 1cm round in the river alongside yambulla rd.I've tried on a few occassions in the area have'nt done any good yet.

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The Whipstick

Post  monkey on Tue May 25, 2010 10:12 pm

Hi Steve
the Whipstick area is just above Bendigo, as you found on your maps. Alot of guys go that way from the triangle,I have yet to go up there myself. I have been told about some good gold coming from there over the year. it was named the whipstick after the whipstick wattle growing through the area. hope the boys who go there from the group can help more


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Whipstick wattle

Post  whatsthetime on Wed May 26, 2010 10:07 am

The whipstick wattle. Nasty stuff mate. You walk 20 meters from your car, you won't see it anymore.
Take a GPS with you or you get LOST !!!!!
There's still gold there !!! I found it, so can you !! Smile

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The Whipstick

Post  Brown Snake on Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:05 pm

Actually, the Whipstick, got its name from the first people who ventured in there, almost certainly looking for you know what! They stated that most of the timber was usless and only suitable for making 'whip handles' Hence Whipstick. One high hill is known as 'Flagstaff hill' and as I understand, the old timers erected a 'flagpole' so as prospectors could view this from a distance and find their way out again. I also read somewhere a long time back, that some early prospectors ventured in there and we are still waiting for them to come out!
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Re: The Whipstick

Post  angus on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:26 pm

Hi Kingfish ,
Was wondering the same as ive heard same about the whipstick and its association with gold .
Am planing a trip that way soon so i was doing a bit of googleing and found that there are many wattle trees ,shrubs in the whipstick forest none of which are whipstick, prob just slang for the mass of wattles in the whipstick forest .There is a whipstick teatree though , but the plant in question is the Whipstick westringia and it grows in gullys in alluvial gravels so im guessing thats its association with gold and its grows in the little desert too i think it is trying to be protected at the moment , as it is suppost to be rare .
hope this helps , am looking forward to getting up the whipstick for that whipstick gold
Cheers Angus


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Re: The Whipstick

Post  kon61 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:27 pm

G'day Gents.

Apart from what "Whatsthetime' has stated about the notorious Whipstick Wattle,some of the cleanest,brightest gold nuggets & specimens I've ever seen has come out of the Whipstick area.

Cheers kon61.


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Re: The Whipstick

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