PMAV Central Branch April Outing

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PMAV Central Branch April Outing

Post  Wombat on Sun Apr 24, 2016 8:15 pm

Our Central Branch had there monthly outing today, heading out to the new burn area of Amherst. I think everyone else had the same idea as being a long weekend. Cars and detectors everywhere. But we were lucky as the area we picked did not attract much attention by other detectorist other than our selves, even though it to was well burnt. We had about 12 members turning up. I showed them a couple of good spots that I've got gold out of before. Though not everyone found gold on the day we had a telly of 8 small nuggets coming out of the area. I was quite surprised of how much small bird shot was still in the ground for an area that has been flogged over the years by every known detector made by man, and gold was still coming out at the same time, including a 1grm solid piece at 4" down that I found in the later part of the day.
The photos are of Phoenix chasing a 0.2 grammer in the burnt area and pore old Rawdy chasing what he thought would be a nice nugget at 21'' down. Only to find out he was chasing a screw top from an old Coco bottle. The ground he was working was pushed back in the 1970's And I don't think the old timers were drinking Coca Cola back in the 1850's ??. The last photo is what I found over a 3 day period (2.20gms) from Thursday to Sunday. Also from the burnt areas of Amherst.
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Re: PMAV Central Branch April Outing

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:08 am

A very good day out Bill.
After seeing your great result I`m now sorry I lost interest in detecting in the afternoon Sad
cheers Dave


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