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Post  silwane on Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:33 pm

Hi All,

I don"t really get on the forum much, but thought i'd better share this incident with everyone on here.
As all bush dwellers, we all at some point leave our cars in the bush unattended, or are getting around on our own whilst prospecting.
I had my mates wife have some dramas Wednesday out Enfield way when driving down Misery creek road area near the Chinese camp.
They are locals from Dereel and have just got into the detecting game. The woman thought it ok to go for a drive looking around the bush to familiarise herself with old workings and their locations while the husband was busy in town.
Being total novices, they really are starting from scratch with little knowledge of the bush or what to look for. So i have tried to put them on the right track and told them of a few places out Linton way. So they quite often have been cutting back through this area going back to Dereel.
When driving along the road on that afternoon, she came upon two parked cars and a few guys on the side of the track. She thought someone had possibly broken down or something, and just started to pull up toward the vehicles. When the guys then returned to their gold colour Volvo.
One gentleman then proceeded to get her attention and asked where North Ballarat was. Before returning to the car and driving off ahead of her.
Once up the track a hundred meters or so, the car stopped and with hazards on the same guy then got out the car and started to walk back toward her car as she wasn't far behind them.
At that stage she then noticed the other two men getting out the car with a spanner or wrench in hand and baseball bat. Alarm bells then went off in her head and she quickly reversed back up the track to where the other vehicle had been parked. There she saw the owner of the car had returned who had been a prospector/fossicker, and he had realised his car had been broken into. She pulled up and had brief words with this man who had saw the guys getting out of the car and then run back into it and do a U turn. He told her to quickly get out of there as they were coming for her.
The woman was no doubt, sh*tting herself and her words was "rally driving" to get out of the bush with these guys potentially following her.
She managed to get out of there and into a town 25 min later, where she ran into the local pub where the gentleman from the broken in car was out front on the phone to Police.
"She's here, She's here".. He said over the phone
As they thought she had definitely got into worse trouble out bush. He then explained to her that when still on the road at the time when they came back. They pulled up at him and roughed him up or robbed him again. (Details im not sure of). Before taking off after her down the road again.
He was then able to get into town through the most direct route and had beat her out of the forest.
A group of locals at the Pub upon his telling them, were just about to all head out in search of her. But fortunately she made it out.
They were informed by Police that 3 teenagers had stolen the gold Volvo 4wd from Mount Hellen a while earlier. Possibly going to look for soft easy targets down in the camp areas.
Who knows what would have happened had she not got out of there and they caught up with her or the other guy not be there to distract them.
It leaves a bad taste in  my mouth to think that these scum bags are out in our bush looking to do this kind of thing. I have been a lover of the outdoors my whole life and done a lot on my own. I am always alert and cautious but times are changing.
I think it will be time to sling the 30/30 over the shoulder when out digging now.
I know that this was/should be/hopefully is a rare event, but i just thought i should let people know who are out there enjoying the past time i love so much. So that everyone can just be that little more cautious when heading out bush.
Take care to all and best of luck in you gold hunting for 2017.

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Post  Detectist on Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:30 pm

That is terrible. The terror she and the other bloke must have felt. Hope the police get them quickly. i would guess they already have "form" as they seemed so willing to do violence.

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Warning to all prospectors.

Post  papoutsi on Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:18 pm

Terrible that a woman has to experience this . When l was growing up if thugs did crap like this there would be shift justice , either from police or elder locals.
I lived around port Melbourne in the 80s and 90s and new some locals. There was a few bashings of elderly residents so the local wharfies put the word out there that uf it doesn't stop they would start breaking legs , hence bashings of elderly mysteriously ceased.
Let you know if l get approached while prospecting buy thugs you will be hearing about me and my pick on the news as to how sharp it is .
The law is a joke sentences are a joke l think its time for old school justice an eye for an eye.
But oh know the do gooders will say you can't do that , until it happens to there family.

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Post  Harb on Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:08 pm

No doubt they were going to threaten her to keep her mouth shut about who they were.........hope the scum get jail time

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Post  kiwijw on Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:02 am

Harb wrote:No doubt they were going to threaten her to keep her mouth shut about who they were.........

Or a lot worse Harb. affraid

Oh my god....the poor woman. What a nightmare for her. It may put her off "going bush" for life. Those rotten scumbag bastards. Hope they get their just deserves. Shame she didnt drive in to the pricks & brake a few legs. Arse holes


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Post  Guest on Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:21 pm

I've been to that area a few times. One of the times was pretty creepy...Coming up to the picnic area, I could see and smell smoke, and caught a glimpse of a person and what looked like a car or bike.

As I rounded the corner and drove into the picnic area car park, the car was gone, and the fire had just been wetted down...whomever was there had just done a very quick disappearing act. I called out, as the person couldn't have gotten far, but no answer. I didn't bother detecting at that location that day


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Post  nero_design on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:59 pm

Member Redfin of this forum reported recently that he was bailed up by 3 people and got away only because of his dog. Dated 16-11-2016, his post described how in the previous weekm one of the residents of Dunolly CP was out detecting when three males approached him and "made it clear they wanted his [GPX]5000".  One was bitten by his German Shepard and they fled.


There's also THIS incident from recent news - where several armed robbers (in stolen cars) with knives attempted to hold up plainclothed police near Ballarat:


"The police officers were driving an unmarked car in a state forest in Canadian, near Ballarat, when they were boxed in by four males in two cars about 11.10am on Wednesday. A 16-year-old boy from one of the cars allegedly approached the officers, produced a knife and demanded cash. He was arrested after a brief struggle, and three other men fled in the two cars.

The police members were uninjured during the incident. The arrested teenager, from Ballarat and initially thought to be 13, has been charged with armed robbery, attempted armed robbery and associated offences and has been remanded to appear in children's court on Thursday.

Police would like to speak to anyone who has any information about the cars.

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Post  Redfin on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:06 pm

It was not me personally, I was just repeating an incident that was reported to me by two other prospectors, which was corroborated by other locals.

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Post  WF2.0 on Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:41 am

The saddest part is if these people were caught and charged the end result would be a $500 fine and good behaviour bond. Legalise drugs and we will have less problems imo.


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