Gold Prospecting Feb 2017 Day 4-5

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Gold Prospecting Feb 2017 Day 4-5

Post  goldgrabber on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:17 am

Here is the final couple of days from my recent gold prospecting trip to Scotland in Feb 2017. The weather was horrible all week but these days it hit its worst yet, I go out prospecting for gold in the snow covered hills, making travelling to the gold prospecting spots quite treacherous in places. I managed to stay in this spot with the snow for around 3 hours before I started to get too cold and with not a lot of gold showing up, I called it a day and continue the following day in slightly better weather. Unfortunately this spot didn`t pay out a great deal at all but at least now I know not to bother with this stretch again, thats the name of the gold prospecting game I guess, can`t win them all and find chunky stuff on every trip, no matter how much you try and want to.......
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Re: Gold Prospecting Feb 2017 Day 4-5

Post  alchemist on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:05 pm

You sure have a bad case of the fever there goldgrabber!
I hope you hit a real good pocket, you sure deserve it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You're almost half way to those barmy summer days again!

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