A mixed bag

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A mixed bag

Post  Detectist on Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:23 pm

We had a chance late last week to have a hunt. We are looking for a concentration of Chinese artefacts but after 12 months or so still no luck. But where these items were found may be closer.

The Kruschen lid does not have "Salts" on it and is a screw lid. The big halfpenny is an 1805 or 1806 (I still have yet to find a decent one of these), The token is an Iredale, The holed find is a big penny of unknown vintage. The Chinese coins are thin and you can see someone must have been bored as they made about 12 to 14 edges to the biggest coin. The soil is terrible for coppers. I like the rose decorative buckle. The item top left looks like a napkin holder.

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