Road trip to Victoria

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Road trip to Victoria

Post  ninjamoves on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:54 am

Hi..I'm a newbie from Qld with a couple of months free soon and am visiting Melbourne to see my sister and plan to spend a few weeks in the Golden Triangle on the way back. I've a deposit on a Gold Monster 1000 which will be my 1st detector & I'll have it to get to know & use whilst there. I'll also have a backpack sluice and pan for a change up when in the right location.
My problem is I'll be on two feet with my pack having to walk in to any locations I stay in. I'm ex-Army so staying bush for few days at a time is the plan with just the basics.  Could anyone advise some suitable locations in the Triangle where I can start my journey with access to good ground? or even concentrate my stay to maximise my efforts since I don't have the option of a vehicle. This will be my 1st time to this area of Victoria.  Any feedback will be appreciated.


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Re: Road trip to Victoria

Post  davsgold on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:39 am

G'day ShaunO and welcome to the forum

Man your going to do it the hard way that's for sure, not having a vehicle.

Anyhow most of the towns in the golden triangle of VIC are built right on where the gold was found in the old days, so my suggestion is get some of the John Tully maps each one has several areas and towns with the gold leads marked on the pages, these are available from detector shops in VIC like Coiltek in Maryborough VIC, which is also right on the gold, you could easily walk just out of town and be in amongst the old diggings.

Also please do the right thing and get a Miners Right for VIC not very dear and last for 10 years. Also fill in the holes you dig and leave the area tidy, but I'm sure you already know this.

Anyhow good luck with your planed trip.

cheers dave

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Re: Road trip to Victoria

Post  WF2.0 on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:21 pm

Sounds like a good trip for you. If it were me when you got to maryborough or where ever you end up id have a look on gumtree for a free bike or check the op shops or tip perhaps. An old mountain bike could help you get around easier...just a thought anyways.

When are you heading down?


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Re: Road trip to Victoria

Post  Wombat on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:38 pm

Mate as the others have said I agree with. My personal choice would be to stay around the Maryborough region as you have goldfields in every direction. Also we have Coiltek here and if you need any help with your Monster 1000 they will be able to help you including your Miners Right. They also have the John Tully maps. There is also many areas to camp right on the goldfields. If you are planning to stay in this area, contact me as I live in Maryborough, and also the President of the Central Goldfield Branch of the PMAV. I might be able to help.
wombat Wink
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Re: Road trip to Victoria

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