Are Comleroy or McPherson worth a visit?

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Are Comleroy or McPherson worth a visit?

Post  SubEtherBASS on Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:09 am

Hiya, I'm new here, & only in NSW for a while while training... But being from VIC, I like prospecting even though my finds result in a few rusty things & a few collapsed fences!
My only transport is a scooter, which took 16 1/2 hrs to ride from Chatswood to Griffith (640km), & well about 5hr to get to Oberon, so distance is limited, however I have my old detector , pan, tent & scooter ready to head off this Saturday/Sunday.
The only places I can see on the Govmnt Maps are Comleroy (I have ridden Putty Rd & had fun, so this is my preference ) or McPherson... I'm struggling to find out why they are fossicking areas, & can't work out if it is gold or gemstones (which I have no idea about!)... Can you help?

If someone is planning to head somewhere (Bathurst area & beyond?) from Sydney some weekend & have a spare seat it would be awesome... Even if you can recommend places (further away) that may be accessible by public TPT (train?) it would be greatly appreciated.



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