Rockhunter62 & Offsider's Cape York Peninsular Goldfields Tour

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Rockhunter62 & Offsider's Cape York Peninsular Goldfields Tour

Post  rockhunter62 on Sun May 28, 2017 8:10 pm

Hi Folks,
After following Bigwave and Dig'n-it's tour(PA Forum) of North Queensland the little lady (offsider, Carol, other half, bitch with pick, wife) Very Happy and I have decided to do our own trip in July/August.
We were originally going to go to the top of Cape York Peninsular with another couple from Brisbane. The other couple now have to move interstate so we are left by ourselves. Crying or Very sad Our new trip will be to visit most of the old goldfields in the cape as well of doing some of the tourist stuff.
We are totally self-sufficient with 4x4 and camper trailer. Our trip will last for about 4 weeks leaving from Townsville. We are used to driving in the outback and have done so for several decades.
If anyone has any information that would help us on our trip that would be greatly appreciated. We have several books for research already and that is keeping us busy at the moment. We are also doing a small trip to Cloncurry region to chase amethyst and garnets before our bigger trip. V11 Too much stuff happening at once.
We are taking the pans, sieves and SDC2300 with us. Would be good to take a GPZ with us but Lotto hasn't be good to us lately. Sad
Thanks in advance.

Cheers cheers

Doug and Carol
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