GPX4500 - The SETA Project Instruction DVD Review

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GPX4500 - The SETA Project Instruction DVD Review

Post  Kon61gold on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:08 am

This a review of the DVD produced by Jonathan Porter

The SETA PROJECT Reviewed - An instructional video to run the GPX 4500


DVD number 4 and JP lets the prospector know what journey they are going on,as the 4500 with SETA and enhance are a new ball game and not just suttle ajustments.explained are the questions we all want to ask of the right people and JP goes to it.

Minelab customer support...Nenads.Lonic.

Nenads talks on feedback from the prospector and what has been taken from this feedback and implemented in the 4500 ( the discriminator topic and its changes are very interesting)

Getting started.....

Here JP gives the operator a solid starting point of settings that you can fall back on at any time and know
they work as good as a prior model.

quick tip saving settings.... TIP to break old habits,

Enhance VS Smooth.....
The test bed is out again as enhance and smooth go head to head on some nice gold nuggets on hot ground
with some striking results.

Minelab product development....phil beck

Phil and JP talk on the features of the 4000 and how these have changed in design and ability in the 4500
Timings and what country they could be the most effective. (a few clues in here on timings and ground type for all.)

Quick track...
JP explains the changes with quick trac and it's effects.

Emi & monoloop coils.,,,
EMI with mono coils, how to set it up to battle EMI (US members will benefit greatly)

Disc 2

Talking to brue candy......
Bruce Candy discuses SETA, Enhance the new design what the machines up against and how it overcomes these element's, very interesting section on coils.

explaining SETA......
Many of us test our detectors over a wide verity of target But who in there right mind passes a coil though a magnetic, field,JP does and shows the owner SETA works.

quick tip hip stick....
The hip stick, the most outstanding piece of detecting equipment in resent times is demo by JP and what
parts of the anatomy will be saved or at least last longer.

external booster system.....

If not wanting to use the 4500s built in option JP explains setting up for your favorite booster.

Coil RX explained.....
And explained of the best section of this DVD for all.

Speaker oscillation....
What happens when you get a little close to the business end.

Low battery warning.....
Don't go digging your first warning.

dd/mono coil setup....
Set up for different coils on the same ground to hunt the same gold. A informative ride out to the gold fields to.

Sharp mode timings....
Now I can't tell it all..but this is for all.

We have all had a mate like this.


This DVD set is really for the 4500 owner that wants all the info on the machine and it's workings. There are many other tips for those with the 4000 as a lot of functions cross models. Listen carefully to all the topic's as many clues are touched on regarding discrimination, coil fields and settings still not explored to there true potential. I have only touch on the topic's as there is just so much to cover.
The most informative instructional DVD Set I have ever viewed.


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