Goldtrek--probes and coils

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Goldtrek--probes and coils

Post  Guest on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:44 am


There is an item listed on ebay no 110381292171 for a "Goldtrek" pinpoint probe, in the metal detector section, the listing goes on to say about their coils and probes etc are Australian made and better priced than the current ones on the market etc etc.

Anybody have any dealings with these products or is it another scam of sorts? anyone care to comment?




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Re: Goldtrek--probes and coils

Post  nero_design on Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:31 am

Interesting find. The EBay post is puzzling too because there's no pictures and the seller seems to think that "flexible cables" are better than "stiff ones"???? There's a lot of different companies using the name Goldtrek online and there's even a different seller on EBay using the name that these new coils and probes are to be using. Seller claims the coils are a Patented Design (which covers the appearance/design ONLY and not the function itself) but perhaps he had a new application of existing technology inside it as well. Most Patents are granted if the applicant can show an significant and radical "new" way of improving on older, existing methods.

Seller claims "recent testing of our range of Goldtrek Coils has shown greater depth capabilities & stronger response signals on all target sizes compared to all other coils on the market." I find it hard to believe that this is the case since if it were possible, there odds are likely that another manufacturer would be onto this and selling a lower priced coil already. There's no logical reason for them to avoid using a picture of it on EBay whilst announcing I don't know what to think. At under $100, for something that is toted as the best item on the market (yet it's made in Australia),... well.... it's all a little odd.

You can't really be critical with an announcement like this until you see what is being offered. But surely the best coil in the world would be a little more expensive than $100 - just to cover research and development costs alone. Sounds like a small run produced by hand to me. Anyone else heard about this?
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