Teknetics T2 - My first impressions

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Teknetics T2 - My first impressions

Post  Aussiedetecting on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:14 am

The T2 arrived last week and I was like a fat kid in a lolly shop. I did the usual bench test & due to the sensitivity of the T2 was nearly impossible. I got it stabilised enough to run some coins over as well as some very small gold. It picked it up all the way down to 0.168 grams. But it was an air test. I will get out my test soil on the weekend and tune her in.
I had me first outing last Saturday for an hr with it and seen just how sensitive it was. I didn't have it all that high in the sensitivity and it was still reaching targets that had been previously missed. One was a tiny little badge at about 25cm in wet clay. I also scored a nice 1955 threepence & an American 1999 1c.
My first thoughts are "wow, what a beast" and it will be a good test on Sunday on the goldfields. I'll upload the movie with the settings that I used.
Stay tuned, I think good things are to come Smile
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