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Minelab Iphone App

Post  Crocko on Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:10 pm

I had a bit of a play with the new Minelab Iphone App...anybody else want to comment?


I went outside my house and ‘found’ 2 targets. Opening the App I hit the 'Add New Find' icon which took me to a page which allowed me to make notes, take a pic, or choose a pic from my own gallery. It then drops a pin on the spot. Accuracy was only 20m but that wasn’t the apps fault.
To refer back to the find you either hit the ’All Notes’ Icon or the ‘Gallery’ Icon. They both do the same job.

From the top of the desktop down:

'Manual' Takes you to the manual of your choice and is a very handy reference to the book in the field. I couldn’t get the Page links to work from the contents page however. I had to choose which page I wanted and then scroll to page 1 to 51..a bit cumbersome.

'Patterns' inactive

'Modes' Inactive

'All Notes' This is where your ‘finds’ live. You can email your file in PDF Format to the address of your choice

'Map' Gives 3 options of maps:- Map, Google, Hybrid (combo of the two) It also shows all your finds as ‘pins’. It REALLY needs a zoom in/zoom out button. Trying to do that funny thing with your thumb and forefinger to ‘spread’ the screen when covered in sweat and dirt is a deadset pain!

'Gallery' Takes you to ‘All Notes’

'Add New Find' This where you record your find and photo your bit of yellow. Make sure you can ‘see’ the satellite. It won’t be so accurate under a cliff overhang.

'Minelab' Takes you straight to ML Home Page..and won’t let you go back unless you close and then reopen the App!...it alternately rolls with the free gift Icon
'Free Gift' I just keep filling it out and sending it off on the offchance they get sick of sending me GPX5K’s and remove the bl@@dy thing!

'Success Stories' This is where you go when you have a bag of bullets and bottle tops and need a little reassurance!!

Round Up A bit limited in its use...If they make it a bit more user friendly and added a route planning and track on/off function I would use it as a primary tool. Still, what do you want for the money?..it is a free Application....

The only thing I want is an absolute assurance that the info stays in my phone and doesn’t end up in some Minelab ‘Cloud’ Bank somewhere!!!!
pp. After mucking around for and hour or so this is what I have come up with...I'd be interested in other peoples thoughts....


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Re: Minelab Iphone App

Post  sam d on Tue May 22, 2012 1:08 pm

I'm thinking they offer it for free in order to mine the data or sell it. I will not be using it as I can not see how they would profit otherwise.

I'd rather head down the pub and put a map of (albeit small) finds on the wall to share with friends, than share with an already wealthy corporation. They have enough profit already.

sam d

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